The Craftsmanship Initiative Features the Mastery of the Soufflè at Café Jacqueline

The Craftsmanship Initiative has put together a gorgeous mini documentary featuring our own Café Jacqueline, the only restaurant in the country that focuses solely on the soufflè! Visit Café Jacqueline at 1454 Grant Ave at Union St. Read more and watch the documentary here.

From Craftsmanship Initiative: What is the ultimate "slow food"? It might just be the perfect French soufflè. Chef Jacqueline Margulis, originally from Bordeaux, opened her namesake café in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood in 1979. Now in her 80s, she still makes every soufflé herself, five nights a week.

With simple ingredients and a humble yet exacting manner, Chef Jacqueline creates something for her patrons that is possibly even more lovely and fleeting than the perfect French soufflé: time. And in less time than it typically takes to make a reservation, you can enjoy this week's new release: Phoebe Rubin's short film, "A Perfect Note: Café Jacqueline and the Art of the Soufflè".

Bon Appétit!